14”x 14” Original ClearMirror
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14 x 14 Original ClearMirror (for use on vanity mirrors)


  • 14” x 14” heating pad.
  • 110/120 Volts / 35 Watts.  

Specifications and Details

  • Product thickness: 0.3mm.
  • Maximum Watt Density: 1.25 Watts/square inch.
  • Self regulating (PTC) technology.
  • Uniform heat distribution and superior heat transfer.
  • 24" 18 gauge wire leads located center, top of the heater.
  • UL listed. Elements pass extensive UL testing for safety and reliability.
  • Made in the USA and covered by a 5-year warranty.
  • Peel and stick application.

For use behind vanity mirrors. 
Not for use in showers or steam rooms. 
Use Shower ClearMirror for those applications.


  • Item #: 16101-1414120

14”x 14” Original ClearMirror

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